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When viewers look at the work—One Perspective Rings from a specific perspective, they would see the classical figure of an engagement-ring usually shown on advertisements. However, along with the transformation of perspective, the perception of the work would be totally different. When I provide a picture taken in a specific perspective as a popular ring, most people see the complete form in their mind based on experiences, since engagement rings have a formed and common definition known through images and advertising slogans. There are lots of stereotypical images common to our minds. Building a standard recognition that ignores individual deviations is what I see in the world around me. Value is placed on the average and in the mainstream, planting subconscious thoughts for individuals to follow along.

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Living in society, especially in China, sometimes we have to reconcile identity into the group under a collective mind-set. Sacrificing individuality for the uniformity sounds like tedious, but I do not think personality is lost in this condition, especially for the younger generation. Instead, they express themselves implicitly. What interests me is how individuals develop compromising approaches in positioning themselves into a collective condition. Creativity is generated when people try to find a balance between breaking limitations and integrating themselves into the community. My work Reconciliation& Juxtaposition provides a modest choice for people who struggle with showing personalities in a unified group. Stark differences can make us feel nervous, but small changes which happen in a comforting way can gradually help us to build the courage to demonstrate difference.

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Making rules is the method that I applied in my working process. I set up four rules for myself to limit variables:

1. Making rings.  

The most direct way for me to feel material is to use fingers to touch it. 

2. Using 33 grams weight. 

I have explored different weights of material and found that metal from 30-35 grams are the perfect measurement for me to engage with, both in the process of forming and in the process of wearing. 

3. Using fine silver as the material.

Metal is a good material to records my actions. Silver is not as expensive as gold, but also a skin friendly material which is hard to oxidize. Fine silver has better flexibility in forming which could show my actions more dramatically.

4. Not losing weight.

This rule helped showing that how my actions influenced metal from the beginning to the end. 

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Photoed by Ian Loring Shiver

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